Meet the Mighty Men

Lee and I woke up early (that is, earlier than our usual “early”) Saturday morning to head up to Dulles Airport. Our friends Cary and Amy have an amazing story about their walk of faith in adopting twin boys from Ethiopia. After many prayers, visits to Ethiopia, paper work, and prepping for the boys, they finally brought them home to the States! It was so exciting to see Cary and Amy come through the doors with their boys! It was awesome to see Cary, Amy, and the boys reunite with their family and friends. I admit, even a few tears of joy ran down my cheek as I was desperately looking through my viewfinder trying to capture all of the love! Our large crowd took up a fair portion of the baggage claim area, but we didn’t care! We just stayed there and fellowshiped with this new family. Cary and Amy decided to keep the boys’ Ethiopian names as their middle names, and chose their first names. So may I introduce to you to,

Gabriel Tamirat Hill


Ezekiel Zekarias Hill

also affectionately known as, “Gabe and Zeke.” These boys were silent and wide eyed as they took everything in. I can’t wait until Cary and Amy are all settled in at home so Lee and I can go for a visit and spoil these two beautiful children! :) You can read more about Cary and Amy’s awesome adventure on their blog, Hill Huddle.

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