I just wanted to take today’s blog post to brag on this guy (again).

Top Warrenton Wedding Photographer

I’m continually amazed at how awesome he is and how blessed I am to have him in my life. To be perfectly honest we get lost in the day-to-day tasks of homeownership, work, just simply living side by side… I sort of envision those strong horses that are paired up to haul the plows through the pastures. Sometimes they have those little blinders on, pulling, working, side by side in perfect harmony but forgetting (or becoming unaware of) how well it’s working. They just get into the groove of things and march on.

It’s when I hear someone complaining about their spouse, read the divorce announcements in the tabloids, see people posting negative comments about their spouse on social media, or see people asking for prayer regarding their spouse… It snaps me out of my comfortable complacency, the blinders come off, and makes me realize how blessed I am to have Lee by my side. Dependable, hard-working, caring…

Over the last couple of years he has been pursuing TWO master’s degrees from the top business school in the country. Not only has he stepped up to be the group leader in just about every assignment, he’s also made stellar grades… like straight A’s! He also works and excels at his full time job (and it’s not rare for him to work overtime and travel) and manages to still spend time with family and help me with the household chores. In between homework assignments and class meetings he will offer to help me with dinner. He stays on top of the yard work. He is awesome at fixing things around the house when the unfortunate strikes. I really don’t think there isn’t anything he can’t (or won’t) do.

He also believes in me and my dreams and goals. It’s always amazing when I hear other photographer’s talk about how their husbands don’t support what they do. It breaks my heart. He has been nothing but supportive and I appreciate him keeping me grounded when I start to get ideas of grandiose. Even though at the time I may be frustrated that he doesn’t just blindly jump on the crazy train. ;)

From the small things, to the big things, I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better partner in life. I believe in marriage and our faith and I’m thankful that we both have amazing parents who set an awesome example for us and a God that wrote the world’s best playbook for marriage. I pray that all of my couples are blessed like we are and that they have life-long, happy, and successful marriages (without the blinders!). #givethanks


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