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It is such an incredible honor to make this huge announcement. I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not in the middle of the best dream ever… but thankfully (I’m so thankful) it’s real!

Middleburg Events Studio

Ever since I first laid eyes on Middleburg Events Studio I was in love. I was initially drawn in by the gorgeous store front that was located in one my most favorite Virginia towns ever; Middleburg. I was captivated by everything – the beautiful window displays, the gorgeous decor and fresh flowers inside, but mostly by the amazing vendors that were apart of this collective. From that first moment I saw it I knew it was something special.

One day, after about a year of secretly admiring the studio, I finally decided to go in and say hello. I’ll never forget that moment. Lee and I were out enjoying the food and shops of Middleburg (which we do as often as we can) and as we walked by the studio, in a split-second decision, I said, “I have to stop here.” I had no intentions of going into the studio that day, but in that fleeting moment something spoke to me and said, “go in!!!”

This is when I met Becky; one of the most outgoing, warm, and bubbly people I’ve ever met. I love her enthusiasm and we had an amazing conversation that day. I’m pretty sure we chatted for almost an hour but it only seemed like five minutes. I could seriously talk with her all day… about anything! She’s one of those people that you feel relaxed around and just enjoy talking to.

Naturally, she asked what brought me into the studio that day and I told her I was a wedding photographer and that I’ve been admiring the studio for quite some time. By the end of our conversation she asked me for my business card. What!? …Was this really happening!? Lee and I were both ecstatic as we made our way home; excited that Becky simply took my business card and in awe of how amazing the studio was.

Middleburg Weddings

So fast forward a few months, Becky asked me to come to the studio for a chat. She asked me if I was interested in becoming a member of the studio I was… I was stunned. It was all I could do not to get up out of the chair and start doing an embarrassing happy dance. All of this time it had been in my heart to become a part of something bigger… and it was happening. And not only was it happening, it was going to be with some of the most amazingly talented people in the industry. How am I so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity?

And here is why all of this is so exciting to me. It has always been on my heart to give my clients an amazing experience. I’ve always wanted to go above and beyond the expectation of providing excellent wedding photos. I feel like I’ve done my very best to accomplish this by working closely with my couples before their wedding, giving them advice/guidance, making myself available to them when they need me, showing that I care about them by sending them little gifts, being helpful on the wedding day, etc… but being a member of Middleburg Events Studio takes all of this to the next level.

Middleburg Wedding Planning

When I walk into a Middleburg Events Studio wedding I’m walking into that wedding as apart of a team. I will have been in meetings where our team has sat around a table in the studio with the bride to discuss her wedding plans and details. We’re all on the same page and we’re going to work together and rally around that bride & groom to give them the best wedding experience possible! This is so, so exciting to me. 

I can’t express enough how honored and blessed I am to become a member of the Middleburg Events Studio. Any couple would be lucky to have this dream team rally around them for their wedding. And a special thank you to Becky and the team for welcoming me into this collective. I can’t wait to see what we do together for our clients!


Middleburg Events Studio also rents out their rooms! The photo above is the meeting room where I will be holding all of my One-on-One mentoring sessions and client meetings. How gorgeous and inspirational is this space!?


Of course big things are currently happening at the studio and so I hope to have some more updated photos to share with you all!!!

If you’d like information about my mentoring or photography services, please contact me by filling out a contact form here; or send an email to! I look forward to chatting with you! :) Warmly, Kristen

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