For The Love of Film Workshop – Behind the Scenes

On April 18th & 19th I had the incredible honor of teaching the second For the Love of Film Workshop along side one of my dearest industry friends, Matoli Keely! The first workshop we did together was only one day – so this time we decided to step it up a notch and host a two day workshop – and it worked out beautifully! We joined forces with (the amazing) Linda Ha Events to create a series of gorgeous photo shoots for our 10 attendees so that they could immediately put to practice what they’d just learned.

Both of our For the Love of Film Workshops have been focused on teaching (digital) photographers how to shoot film. We cover the very basics and catch them up to speed so that by the end of the workshop they are feel confident in metering, loading film, shooting film, choosing a lab, and more! And I must say that all of our attendees were shooting film independently by the second day! I’m so proud of our attendees and their all of their accomplishments – they did in two days what took me months & lots of $$$ to figure out!

Here are a few sneak peeks into the workshop. And stay tuned… Over the next few months you will see photos from this amazing group of photographers flooding the internet!


The workshop was held at the gorgeous Retreat at Cool Spring.


We collaborated with Poppy & Scooter and Marigold & Grey to create a beautiful welcome gift for each of our attendees.



Our “classroom” for day 1 of the workshop.


We really wanted to make our workshop feel cozy, laid back, and refreshing. This is why we kept our attendees headcount low and spread the workshop out over two days. It’s not easy trying to strike a balance between “teach them everything we know” and “relax and unwind” – but being at The Retreat was certainly the right move for us. We also arranged an incredible welcome dinner on the first night.



I couldn’t believe that we were lucky enough to sit around this table and have awesome fellowship over some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life! Great food & wine, great people, and great laughter. #mycuprunnethover




Chef Michael from Bluewater Kitchen came out to present the dinner menu to us – and what an incredible meal it was! #bestcaterereverFine_Art_Photographer_Kristen_Lynne_Photography_Film_Workshop-47


Here are a few behind the scenes shots at a couple of the outdoor photo shoots!



Certain privileges are granted and certain rules do not apply to photographers. Climbing onto dinner chairs to get the perfect shot of the tablescape is completely acceptable and encouraged, lol!


Cheers to the Spring 2016 For the Love of Film Workshop!

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